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  • All About Emergency Funds

    All About Emergency Funds

    The basics on a foundational planning topic. In the world of personal financial planning, some of the simplest steps are often the most overlooked. A short list of common oversights are: not having an umbrella policy, not buying long term disability insurance, skipping out on an estate plan, inappropriate investment allocations, and then having too… Read more

  • A College Graduate’s Guide to Financial Planning

    A College Graduate’s Guide to Financial Planning

    You have your degree, now what? College graduation is an exciting time.  It’s an educational milestone and a great time to celebrate with friends and family.  After the week or so of celebratory events, there is an inevitable realization that your first day or work starts soon.  It might be a role in your dream… Read more

  • Thoughts From a Busted Bracket

    Thoughts From a Busted Bracket

    “And when it’s done,win or lose,you always did your best,cuz inside you knew…One Shining Moment, You reached for the sky,One Shining Moment​, You knew,One Shining Moment, you were willing to try,One Shining Moment….” -Luther Vandross (This song is one of my favorite parts of the tournament every year and if you’ve ever watched the championship… Read more

  • How to Invest When the Market is at All-time Highs

    How to Invest When the Market is at All-time Highs

    Have you ever wanted to invest, but stopped short by asking yourself this question? “The market is pretty rough right now, maybe I should wait until it recovers before investing.” Then you wait… and you end up asking the following question: “The market is at all time highs, why don’t I wait for a pull… Read more

  • The Experience Loop

    The Experience Loop

    “Your personal experiences with money make up maybe 0.00000001% of what’s happened in the world, but maybe 80% of how you think the world works.”-Morgan Housel If you have young children, you likely understand the importance of routines.  Kids thrive on routines and parents’ sanity is often saved by routines. One example for us is… Read more

  • It Takes A Team

    It Takes A Team

    It’s Super Bowl weekend! You know what I’m tired of hearing though? No, not Taylor Swift complaints (I actually think she is helping football more than hurting it). It’s Brock Purdy vs Patrick Mahomes commentary.  All of my favorite sport’s shows want to talk about the quarterback matchup like they are the only two people… Read more