Simply Thankful

By Geoff Schaefer

Geoff is a Wealth Advisor with Intergy Private Wealth. He writes for The Steadfast Fiduciary to help people live with an abundant heart, open mind, and boundless generosity.

November 22, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you have some things you’d like to accomplish.  Opportunities you’d like to provide for your family.  Personally, I’d like some space.  I enjoy our neighborhood, the parks, our pool, and the convenience, but what I really want is a few acres away from town a bit. I’d like some space for my kids to run and a big lawn to take care of. If you’re still anything like me, you may find yourself, from time to time, thinking more about the land I don’t have versus all that I do have.

A great reminder of the simplicity of gratitude came the other day in the form of my five-year old daughter.  We were in our bedtime routine, bathed, teeth brushed, clothes for tomorrow laid out, books read, and had arrived at prayer time.  It was her turn to lead, which usually means a thanking God for the day and asking Him for a good night’s rest.  This night was different though.  During my daughter’s prayer, I was reminded about all we have to be thankful for. How simple it is and yet how often we forget.  That night, she thanked God:

  • For her brothers
  • For her mom and dad
  • For the beautiful big blue sky
  • For the fluffy white clouds
  • For her mermaid dress
  • For her home
  • For her warm blanket
  • For her friends at dance class and at school (she named them all by name)
  • For her health and that her little brother would be healthy too (he had a cold at the time)

She had more, and I wish I could have just written it all down to fully capture the profound simplicity of her gratitude.  During her prayer, she didn’t focus on our house not being on a three-acre plot, she was simply thankful we have a home.

I know this is an overly simplistic post.  I know we all know this to be true.  Yet, this time of year is the perfect time to reflect on all we have to be grateful for. When planning with clients, I often encourage clients to consider their values and what truly matters to them. That understanding can be key when it comes to answering future financial questions. Consider your values this holiday season.  Instead of looking forward to plan and make decisions, let’s all look back a bit.  There is much to be grateful for.

I’ll start with a quick list.  I’m thankful for my loving wife, my children, my family and close friends, and my team at work. I’m thankful for our communities at our church and school.  I’m thankful to wake up to the rocky mountains every morning. I’m thankful for basketball, the best sport in the world. I’m thankful for Star Wars to be my nerdy outlet.  I’m thankful to all my clients and to all you for taking the three minutes to read my blog post.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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